A short story and cautionary tale:
I once caused a fist-fight on the train by bringing a BBQ chicken pizza onboard with me. One passenger assumed the aroma of the pizza’s red onions to be body odor and started aggressively cursing out the other passengers for their presumed lack of hygiene. With grit teeth the man kept screaming, “YOU PEOPLE DISGUST ME! A HUMAN BEING… SHOULD NOT… SMELL LIKE ONION!”
Things quickly escalated into a full fist-fight with people forming one of those swirling clouds of random arms and legs like you’d see in a Looney Tunes cartoon. I tried to speak out and take blame for the spicy onion aroma, but I was paralyzed by my own awkwardness and the absurdity of the situation. So I just stood there — clenching onto my pizza box with all my life and trying my best to stifle uncontrollable laughter.
If you are reading this now and were on that train, please know that I was the human being that smelled like onion.